Ela Piorun

Ela Piorun

Brand history

Ela Piorun – studied Marketing and Administration at Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) and Organization Administration at the University of Warsaw. Her profession is property advisor. Since 2016, she started to pursue her biggest passion which is fashion design. She was always interested in fashion world. She owes her ability of creating outfits to her Mother and Grandmother who naturally passed on their knowledge about how to cut and sew to create elegant pieces. She is inspired by surrounding nature, art and travels.

Creator of Ela Piorun brand focuses on elegance in comfortable version. What is distinguishing her designs from others is high-quality polish, italian and french natural fabrics. Her clothing is made with meticulous detail in Poland.

Collection SS'19




Our fabrics / Highest quality


Prints on fabrics are created in Ela Piorun workshop. Prints relate to visual identification of the designer.